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As you may know, highlight videos have become an essential part of the recruiting process. In many cases, your highlight video is extremely vital in terms of landing on a college program’s radar, or maybe even scholarship offers. With this thought in mind, college coaches look for specific things in a highlight video, so frankly there a few things to consider whenever creating one.

Throughout our conversations with various coaches within the college ranks, we were able to gather some very important information in regards to what a college coach looks for in a prospect’s highlight video. While all parties wished to remain anonymous, we trust that you will find this information very helpful/valuable.

College Coach #1
Here’s the biggest thing… The prospect needs to start with their most explosive plays in a real game (not a scrimmage). They can still show the “really good and/or good plays” but start with the most explosive plays, and go in descending order.

College Coach #2
I like for prospects to limit their highlights to 5 minutes tops. The best plays need to be up front. Circle yourself, don’t make us guess who you are. Nobody cares about the music, we mute it all the time. Make yourself easy to find “no nicknames”.

College Coach #3
For offensive skilled kids I like to see them “out run” people.

Wide Receivers: If it is a wide receiver the first clip I don’t want to see is blocking, that’s not a good sign.

Running backs: Good hard runs and like I said running away from people, and not getting caught on long runs.

Offensive lineman: I like to see those guys finish blocks, not hit and stop and look around. I like to see pass blocking along with running blocking. Being able to show flexibility and athleticism.

For defensive guys I like to see them hustle to the ball and be physical at the point of attack.

Defensive linemen: I like to see the DL play with leverage and use his hands and quickness. I don’t like to see them standing up and looking when the ball is snapped.

Linebackers: I don’t like to see drag em’ down tackles. I like to see them drive their feet through tackles.

Defensive backs: I like to see ball skills from DB’s with the ability to tackle and find the ball in the air.

Make the first 5 clips stand out because most coaches will lose attention after those first 5. Highlight tapes should be able to hold the attention of the person watching them. I personally don’t care for music and when they title them “Watch me Ball” or “The Best Ever”.

College Coach #4
It’s not good to see clips that end before the play is over. For added help, it’s nice to see special team’s clips, but not more than position specific clips. Linemen have the most critical film cut ups. Know that a college coach will know the difference between a double team and a lineman getting beat/letting an offensive lineman reach a linebacker. Also it’s not good to see loafs/jogging after half of the play is over.

College Coach #5
The first 10 plays on the highlight tape need to showcase their tools. Their speed, their length, their explosiveness, and their ability to change direction. Running backs/wide receivers need clips of them scoring touchdowns. Quarterbacks need to show their ability to make tough throws and the ability to make throws on time.

College Coach #6
What I like to see on a prospect’s highlights – athleticism, great effort, finishing plays, good competition. Change of direction from any position is a key trait.

What turns me off – poor competition, lack of effort and bad athleticism.

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