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Super Saturday Re-cap: Defensive Backs

by Shedrick Moorer 6 months ago
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At the conclusion of Super Saturday, we had an opportunity to speak with EPT Football Academy DB trainer, Chachi Sullivan. After working with the defensive backs in attendance, Coach Chachi gave us a quick rundown on a few guys that really stood out to him on this past Saturday. We’ve also provided you with some additional notes from 2017 Shrine Bowl Assistant Coach, Shaun Wright, who was on hand. We have the rundown for you inside!

Defensive Backs

“Roderick, also known as, The Specimen. He’s long, and has exceptional acceleration. Obviously, he’s a little raw at the position because he plays quarterback in high school, but T-Rob (South Carolina Asst. Coach) is going to get his hands on him and have a ball with him at South Carolina. I was very, very impressed with what I saw out of him.” – Coach Chachi on Cane Bay 2018 S RJ Roderick

“I was very, very impressed with D’Angelo today. He looks like a strong safety, moves likes a free safety. It’s exciting to know that this kind of talent is still lurking around the state. Not enough people know about him in my opinion. He’s definitely a Power 5 guy. There’re a lot of guys who are going to be upset with themselves when he hits the scene somewhere, knowing they didn’t recruited him; and I’m talking in-state.” – Coach Chachi on Fort Dorchester 2018 S D’Angelo Knight

Zion Keith, is taller than I thought. He has exceptional speed, good range, and good ball skills. He lacks a little bit technique-wise, but he’s so competitive, so it’s going to come. I think it’s only a matter of time before he pops off somewhere. I think he’s committed to Wake Forest, so they’ve got a good one. – Coach Chachi on Wilson 2018 CB Zion Keith

Another one that I was really impressed with was, Tre Morrison. I call him Tre, but I guess other people call him Carlantre. I’ll get the right pronunciation of his name one day, we’ll have to work on that one (laughing). He trains with me regularly. He’s growing though. I’m telling you, he was just 5’10” two weeks ago, now he’s 6’0” (laughing). I expect that he’ll go to some camps this summer, and personally I don’t’ think he’ll finish the summer without an offer from somewhere. He’s got good length, good speed, patience, and technique. I think it’s only a matter of time for him. – Coach Chachi on Berkeley 2019 CB Tre Morrison

Additional Notes From Coach Wright

I had a chance to see three of the top DBs in the state in RJ, D’Angelo, and Zion. RJ and D’Angelo are probably two of the biggest safeties in the state. Those guys look like linebackers, but they run like DBs. With RJ, I am very impressed with how good his hips are, especially for a kid his size. He’s a big kid with a lot athleticism. I love the way he accelerates to the ball. He also a very humble kid. I really likes what I saw out of this kid. I had a chance to see D’Angelo at the Shrine Bowl Combine last month, and was very impressed with what I saw. After taking another look at this kid today, I am highly impressed with his ball skills. He’s a big kid that can cover receivers well. This kid is one of the state’s best kept secrets.
Zion Keith is a good competitor. He kept going back for more and more reps. He has good size/length. I didn’t realize he was that tall. When I saw his film, he didn’t look as tall on film, but he’s a legit 6’0″. – Coach Shaun Wright

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