Alabama Crimson Tide National Champs
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At The Inside Blitz we are always looking for ways to better serve/assist Lowcountry prospective student-athletes with recruiting. Just recently, we were able to reach out to a number of former Lowcountry athletes who were willing to share their knowledge/expertise to aspiring student-athletes about the hectic/chaotic world of college recruiting. We trust that this information will be useful. Pictured: 2017 NFL Draft Pick/Denver Broncos running back, De’angelo Henderson (Summerville HS Grad).

Johnell Brown – SC State University
Former Timberland Wolves Star

“In recruiting, it doesn’t matter how big the school is. It’s what’s best for you and possibly your family. Of course education would be number one on your list. Take every official visit that you can, so you and your parents can see what’s best for you. You also have to stay focused on your high school work as well as your recruitment. At the end of the day it’s based on you, and which school you feel as though you would have a good football career at, along with a chance to further your education.” – SC State LB Johnell Brown

D’Angelo Henderson – Denver Broncos
Former Summerville Green Wave Star

“Do what you feel is best for you and your future on and off the field. Know the situation you are getting into prior to choosing a school (coaches, players, school history, depth charts, academics).

Most importantly focus on finishing high school strong and be cleared for the NCAA Eligibility Center.” – Coastal Carolina RB D’Angelo Henderson

Mike Myers – East Carolina University
Former Goose Creek High Star

“Your decision should be based on family, not money, fame, or hype. Go to a place where you feel the most comfortable, or at home. Colleges are going to look out for themselves, before keeping you around when it’s all said and done. In other words, college football is a business. So if a school feels like you are a hindrance to their program, you are going to be cut and dismissed from the team. So take your time, enjoy the fun, and make the decision that ‘s best for you. You’ll know the right decision when that time comes. One last thing: do not pick a school because it’s where a certain family member/friend wants you to go, unless you are sharing that same dream. Because if you do, you are going to be miserable.” – East Carolina DT Mike Myers

Quinton Washington – Michigan University Grad
Former Timberland High Star

“One thing that I had to do was find someone to talk to: parents, brother, somebody… I had to lean on someone for support; someone that wouldn’t push me one way or the other. I also prayed a lot, and it gave me comfort during those times. I would say prayer was the one thing that helped me out the most.” – Former Michigan DT Quinton Washington

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Alabama Crimson Tide National Champs

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