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A bond between a running back and his offensive line is vital when it comes to establishing a successful run game. Neither can be their best without the other, and when one struggles the other is almost certain to as well.

A number of local running backs took time out to share with us how appreciative they are for the big guys up front, who’ve been paving the way for them all season long.

“Our O-Line is one of the hardest working groups on the team, if not the hardest working on the team… I wouldn’t be able to have success in the back field without them.” – James Island 2018 RB AJ Ladson

“My new O-line is bigger, faster and more determined… We all have one goal, and that’s to win state. So, they are willing to make the blocks needed to make our run game successful and to help us win games… All the credit goes to them.” – Berkeley 2019 RB Keshawn Wicks

“I always remember to give thanks to those guys after the big plays and small ones. I really have a lot of confidence in my line. We’ve got great size and speed to open up lanes. Every time a run is called I expect nothing less 5 yards gained, and more times than not I get even more than that because of the key blocks on linebackers they give me. They do a lot and it goes unnoticed, so I personally thank Raekwon, Geandre, Krishawn, Curtrell, and Nathaniel for getting the job done up front.” – Cross 2018 FB Nathan Walker

“My O-Line has been working really hard during practice to get the blocking schemes right to make our offense successful. My O-line plays a big role in why our offense is able to score and they are the main reason why I can make things happen when I get the ball.” – Hanahan 2018 RB Quincy Mitchell

“They are small but they work hard everyday and I couldn’t ask for a better group. Without them I wouldn’t have any holes to run in. I trust them to open holes so I can be successful. We work together as a team.” – Beaufort 2018 RB Kyleik Middleton

“I really count on my line to block for me. I wouldn’t see myself having much success without them, and I let them know that every day. But we also have a RB O-Line type bond, so I can get those blocks I want and they can get those runs they want to help us score or something like that. Although I yell at them when they don’t block, they’ll come back and give me information, far as like where the whole will be depending on the D-Tackle or D-End.” – John Paul II 2019 RB Zachariah Doe

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